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Steve Wrubel

Inspiration Behind The Brand

A Journey of Passion

Steve Wrubel has devoted much of his life to traveling the world with his camera. The warm, rocky coast of the Pacific, the sandy beaches of West Africa, the Spanish steps in Rome, and his grandparent’s home in the Mojave Desert. These are his happy places.

He has always found himself drawn to the untamed nature of the American West and in 2019 he began a journey of documenting one of its last living legends – the rodeo cowboy.

A glimpse of barely tamed beauty

In this work he seeks to capture a fleeting glimpse of barely tamed beauty. Visually refining it by removing distracting backgrounds and showcasing the elegant dance that might otherwise remain hidden in the raucous and fast-moving nature of the sport.

Through this journey of preserving these rare moments he has found an artistic peer in both the cowboy and the winemaker. For the cowboy it is to keep and contain a once wild beast just long enough for a thrilling eight second ride. For the winemaker it is to bottle the essence of the humble grape and its terroir. Showcasing and preserving the most perfect stages of its life.

the untamable wild within

They all take the incredible bounty offered by this world and present it to us through their unique lens. But to what extent is it possible to contain a beast, refine a fleeting moment, or bottle the essence of a grape? They will always retain elements of the untamable wild within them. That is the spirit of the American West.

Understanding and sharing this spirit is their life’s work. Joined together by an overarching philosophy, this unlikely kinship of seemingly disparate disciplines come together to create Ride & Ridden.